2023 Lesotho Youth Summit


Lesotho Youth summit is a mechanism by the youth of Lesotho with the purpose to empower, capacitate, to promote patriotism amongst the youth as well as the inclusion of young people in issues affecting them. These include high levels of unemployment, governance and human rights, health, education, sports and to state a few.

Cognizant of the absence of youth participation in the affairs of the country, and the non-involvement in decision-making processes, the youth of Lesotho has taken it upon themselves to arise, and address these concerns by hosting the very first youth summit in October 2023. The Lesotho Youth Summit (LYS 2023) marks a momentous and revolutionary start toward achieving a better tomorrow/future for the youth of Lesotho.


The summit aims to bring 500 young people (ages 20-35) from all districts of Lesotho, each district will bring 50 ambitious, aspiring and outstanding youth who have done enormous activities in their communities, these include those who have solved different problems in their communities, have made a positive an impact by addressing the needs of their community, or are currently engaged in projects benefiting a community. The summit will also bring young entrepreneurs who have recorded growth in their businesses, these entrepreneurs are expected to share skills with other young people who are also interested in businesses, as well as those aspiring to be in business.
The summit shall use legitimate(registered)businesses as examples during entrepreneurship sessions, different business sectors will be allowed to present and pitch their inventions.
Dignitaries, particularly those in relevant ministries, important agencies, partners, and donors will be invited to the summit so that they are acquainted with the work done by the youth and get an opportunity to listen to the visions of the youth of Lesotho…